A VET Provider or VET Trainer

TrainingAre you an office administration trainer? Are you a VET provider offering             courses in office administration? You can use our curricula and training               materials. Then your students may proceed

              The following intellectual outputs and events of our project may interest you:

                    •  Methodology Guide on the methodology to be used to assign credits to                                    the learning outcomes of the EUPA qualification framework (IO2)

    •  Three Qualification Frameworks (IO5)

    •  Certified EUPA_NEXT training curricula (IO6)

    •  Certified EUPA_NEXT training materials (IO7)

    •  Accredited Eupa_Next Assessment Levels 2,3,4 and 5 (IO8)

    •  Trainer’s guide (IO9)

    •  EUPA_NEXT e-books (IO10)

    •  Policy Recommendation (IO11)

    •  Best Practices Guide (IO12)

Multiplier Events:

Presentation and short train the trainer event

    •  Country:  Cyprus

    •  Dates to be confirmed

Presentation and short train the trainer event

    •  Country: Spain

    •  Dates to be confirmed